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Welcome to our website, which, we hope, you will find really informative and helpful. The idea to create such a site was being nursed for years. In the world of today there are so many people who cannot afford good doctors, still they as all the rest of the world have diseases from time to time. Some other people just have no time to go to doctors and ignore their symptoms, suffering and waiting when the problem disappear by itself. And at last there is another category of the people who want to know the roots, the reasons of their problems, the ways how to avoid or eliminate them. If you belong to one of these categories, this site is for you. If you do not – you are also welcome, read it and you will be a part of our global community, community of healthy people!

Actual aim of this site is to make you healthy, by any of the ways: by identifying your problem and then curing it, by eliminating the causes of the problem, and finally by simple-self curing.

We would like to pay your attention that any of medication, especially antibiotics, that will be mentioned over here should be taken only and only after consultation with doctors.

We are going to propagate healthy way of life and non-traditional methods of treatment, but it in NO CASE is in contradiction with the pharmaceutical medicines. There are cases, when only they may help…

However, you will find here lots of advice, and methods of treatment that were used by centuries in villages, in towns and cities and were passing from generation to generation… You will find this under the name “Advice of my Grandmother ”. Most of these may be used without doctors’ recommendations. Many of them are aimed on prophylactic of diseases, or at strengthening your body and soul. When we think of our life and our needs and desires, of our what-to-do plans we often ignore the simplest thing: if health fails we will not be able to achieve anything! Health is a basic of our life, its foundation. We are going to help you to build up this foundation. But remember, we only give you constructional material and it’s you who have to build it up! It’s much easier to swallow a pill, lie down and wait till it works, but have you ever read the side effects of almost every medicine? We stopped taking pills when we read this, and it was then when we decided to study non-traditional methods. And when we collected a good number of these, the idea of sharing our knowledge and experience with other people came to us.


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